At Guardian for Heroes Foundation, we believe in supporting our Combat Veterans from the inside out as they acclimate to civilian life. While we begin with physical needs, we understand the scars from war extend far deeper than that, which is why we also provide group and spousal support, personal counseling, proactive experiential therapy and life coaching.

If you or someone you know is a Combat Veteran (or a loved one) struggling with Post Traumatic Stress from combat or overcoming a disability as a result of war, please reveiw our services, and let us know if we can be of benefit to you. We work with Veterans from across the United States.


If you thought something like a gym membership was difficult for a post deployed Veteran to secure, think again…

According to the Bureu of Labor & Statistics, Veteran advocates caution that joblessness among Combat Veterans remains stubbornly high – well above the national unemployment rate of 7.8 percent. In fact, around 205,000 of those who served in or during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are without work.

That is why we have made it our mission to provide U.S. service men and women with a life of health, wellness, and fitness post-deployment, as well as to share our access to major brands of gyms across the Country.

Our team at Guardian for Heroes Foundation understands the Veterans who contact us for assistance want to remain very active, but may have physical or psychological obstacles that prevent their desires. Our job is to build a bridge that makes a journey to a life of fitness one that is possible to cross.


The process is simple: upon registration, we will assess your specific needs, compare those needs to our supply and perform our due diligence to provide the best workout equipment we have available. Many of our Veterans are limited with physical capabilities, but still want to stay in shape. Other Veterans have full physical use of their body, but because of loud noises and potential other trigger sources at gyms and recreation facilities, PTS may not allow them to use public facilities.

If you know a Combat Veteran fighting the effects of Combat Stress at home, that would benefit from our services, please contact Guardian for Heroes Foundation for more information.


If you know a Veteran who is not only struggling with the emotional effects of combat, and re-acclimating to civilian life again, you will most likely hear one troubling quote: “I had great skills before I went to war. I have even better skills now, but I do not know how to use them now that I am home.”

Veterans, reservists, military spouses, Gold Star families and other loved ones all have adjustments to make post deployment. There are usually more questions than answers, and Guardian for Heroes offers answers better than most.

Before combat, did you or your loved one have an inner strength to succeed, a drive to be productive, a desire to have a fulfilling career and to make a contribution to the life around him or her? After combat, physical and psychological limitations may have created seemingly insurmountable obstacles to make those characteristics fade away. They endured war and sacrificed for a better life. With the expert help of our life coaches, some of whom have chief executive experience, we can provide a path to achieve a restored sense of worth.